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I Destroyed My Marriage
Chae Williams wants more than what her policeman husband can give her. Despite his hard work and loyalty to her, he just isn't enough. Her world turns upside down when she meets the handsome, velvet-voiced overnight DJ, DeVante Terrell. He is everything she wants and more. Will Chae risk her marriage for a tryst with DeVante, or will she remain a faithful wife to her husband?
An Affair Saved My Man
Debbie felt blessed that she and her husband, Scott, had a wonderful marriage and two terrific kids. When terrorists bombed the building Scott was working in, she feared that all was lost. She tried everything she could to reach him even though the reporters said there were no survivors on the floor his company was located. Never giving up, she continued to call him. And then, the most unbelievable thing happens. He answers, insisting he was at work, sitting at his desk. But where was he really?
Cheating Scandal...My Husband
A Married woman goes online to seek companionship when her husband lacks time for her. When her online love affair with a sexy stranger, rages out of control, our adulteress can no longer hide what has been dormant for so long. What happens when her husband finds out about her affair?
My Man Wants Me Dead
When Cindy Cassell meets a handsome guy, Michael Jones, who appears to be interested in her, she allows him into her heart and falls in love with him. But, when a close cop friend strongly suggests that he may not be who says he is, she still marries Michael. Only to find out he isn't who he said that he was and wants her DEAD.
I Wanted To Take My Sister's Place
Sophie has always been in love with Kareem—her sister's husband—for as long as she can remember. After all, she did date him first. So, when tragedy strikes the family, Sophie seizes the opportunity to not only help her sister get back on her feet, but get back what is rightfully hers.
I Never Left My Ex..
30-year-old Lauren Banks, is a housewife in Plainfield, New Jersey. Her husband, Tyrone Banks, is a successful business owner of a chain of auto body shops. She has money and status, but the one thing she misses most is passion. But that all changes when her husband hires a new mechanic, Anthony Moore. Little does her husband know, Anthony and Lauren used to go out back in the day. She thought their hot and heavy past was behind them. She soon discovers once a fire is lit it cannot be
I Was Stalked By My Own Man
High Fashion Model, Lauren Taylor comes home from an assignment to find her apartment broken into. Detective John Anderson, is assigned to the case. They begin a torrid, hot, and steamy affair, but when they break up, someone begins stalking her. Is it the heartbroken detective?
He Asked Me To Become His Maid For L
Chantel Wells is a maid at a Las Vegas hotel where a writers’ conference is being held. Peter Buckley is the handsome author attending it; the two are instantly attracted to each other and become very close. He is not only pleased with her cleaning skills, but the beautiful woman herself. When the conference is over, he offers Chantel a job in his new home, but there is one thing standing in her way of happiness, and her name is Jasmine.
Mastering Your Destiny
Every one of us has a special purpose on this planet, and a singular life that belongs to us and us alone. Each of us has a duty to honor the purpose that we were meant to serve, and we are allowed to continue to create the changes that need to be made in order to make those dreams a reality. What most of us are lacking is the basic structure to get to where we want to be. Accomplishing our goals may seem obscure and idealistic, but there are steps that we can take every single day.
Lasso (LoveStorm Romance)
After Dr. Nicole “Nikki” Phillips gets dumped by her fiancé, Dr. Winston Thorpe, she seeks revenge and her life spirals out of control. She heads home to mend her broken heart. Along the way she runs into a fence owned by the RFK Ranch. She meets cowboy Ross Kincaid, a man with a body and hot temper that matches her own. The two get along like oil and water. When she is forced to do community service at a clinic his family owns, Nikki tries to fight her attraction to the handsome cowboy.
A Time For Murder
Victor Sexton is back in action in the sequel to the best-selling novel, “7 Days”. He’s retired from the military and enjoying his life as co-owner of one of the hottest Supper Club in Washington, D.C. Victor is looking forward to getting married to his fiancée, Dominique Frazier. But when his sister, Attorney Tonya Sims, takes the case of news anchor Dani McCall, charged with first degree murder of her boss, she reaches out to the only person that can help her prove her.
Sweet Island Temptation
When Chyna Daniels gets dumped by the man she loves, her girlfriend whisks her away to Jamaica to mend her broken heart. Soon, on a Montego Bay beach, she meets Nelson Portis with a body that makes her vibrate just by looking at him. Chyna tries to fight her attraction to the handsome Jamaican, but he won’t be deterred by her cold shoulder. And Chyna finds herself fighting a losing battle against his charms…
When Melissa Janey, a white woman, takes a job at a successful law firm, she opens a new chapter of her life. She's engaged to Darryl Simmons—the only guy she’s ever known. Melissa is happy and content; until she meets Charles White, an African-American trial lawyer. Melissa begins to have feeling for Charles that should be reserved for Darryl. Will she choose her lifelong love or a new love?
Lauren Brand was fed up with her workaholic husband; she wanted his time, she wanted fun, and she wanted excitement. She never thought going to the bank would be the place to get it. While at the bank, Lauren is taken hostage by bank robbers. In the beginning Lauren fears for her life but the fear soon vanishes as she sees another side of one of the robbers, a side that can alter her life forever.
Grieving over the untimely death of her husband, Quadir, Carolyn McWilliams is deep in despair. Tired of watching her mope around, her best friends take her to a resort in Nassau, where she meets tall, fine, and sexy, Gerald Seaforth. A whirlwind romance leads to marriage and suddenly his groove takes a 180 turn when she learns the truth and nothing but the truth. Will she stay or tell him to step off.
Weekend Escapade
Shana Dobbs is trying to bounce back after a painful divorce. She vows never to get hurt again and has sworn off falling in love. To put her life back in perspective, she decides to spend the weekend at a friends' cottage in Virginia Beach, Virginia. But the Shana's new outlook on life is tested when a mix up in dates causes her to share the cabin with handsome, hunk, and businessman Evan Smith.
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