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Sammie Ward



I  remember  going to the local Drug store to purchase my monthly copy of Jive Magazine. I love those stories and could not get enough of them. The writing was good and were about people of color.  Black Romance. Black Drama.

I dreamed of one day writing my own story. Many years later I got my wish. I went on to write numerous stories for Black Romance and Bronze Thrills.  It was where my writing career began. I was sorry when they closed their doors. While in college, writing Confessions was how I earned money. Lol.

I decided to do something about it. I decided to create Mahogany Confessions. At one time Confessions Magazines True Story, True Confessions, True Romance, True Experience, Bronze Thrills, True Love, and others were the main readership of fiction for women until their slow death several years ago.  The stories were directed at a female readership between the ages of 20 and 35, these magazines were popular during the 1930s, carrying such articles as "The Romantic Story of Jack Dempsey's Cinderella Bride. In 1945, it was revealed that 72% of the women who read these magazines were married. There were stories like" "When a Girl Goes to Prison" by Jules Archer, "I Couldn’t Forgive My Brother-in-Law" by Anonymous and "Let’s Enjoy Breakfast" by Erva Jean Vosburgh. The magazine sold more than two-million copies at the time. Confessions dealt (still do) with women’s reality, including the dark side of life, divorce, family problems, and problematic relationships. They were extraordinary publications (still are) that get their inspiration from the hearts and minds of women, and read like a woman’s diary. These stories are an emotional journey filled with testaments of the ups and downs that every women experience. Since they were first published in 1922, Confessions have been survival guides for any woman that wants to feel like she’s not alone in her trials and tribulations. These stories give a voice to ordinary women and reflect their roles in an ever-changing society and so in true tradition, Lady Leo Publishing is proud to bring you these amazing Confessions and stories ONCE AGAIN.

Sammie Ward is the CEO and Founder of Lady Leo Publishing. She has penned over over thirty (50) Confessions, four novellas, and six novels.

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