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 They say confession is good for the soul and we would like to hear yours. We are NOT accepting submissions for our Mahogany, Cub Bites, and True Life Confession lines. If you are interested in writing for one of our lines, read the guidelines below. We accept unagented work and stories must be original. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Stories must be written from the first person point of view.  Each confession must have a beginning, middle, and an ending.  The ending does not have to be a happy one, depending on the story.

We are seeking stories 5-7k words. Please submit in professional manuscript, double space with 0.5 first line indentation.  Make sure it has been edited. Place your name, title, email address, and word count at the top of the page. When you are ready, upload it to the website using the Portal below. The pay for each Confession is $50.00.  LLP purchases all rights. All submissions are edited. Authors are given bylines for each story published.

We are NOT seeking Submissions at this time.


Mahogany Confession-5-6k words- Stories written from an urban point of view and based on true stories. Stories must include a conflict between the heroine and the love interest. Include at lease one love scene, also include spicy, sexual tension. The age of the characters range is twenty-0ne through forty. Give us your best stories; think outside the box.

Cub Bites Confession: 5-7k words-  Stories for women of all ages. These are true stories told from a narrative point of view, must possess a strong emotional tone the audience can easily identify with. *No love scenes* Make stories exciting and passionate.

True Life Confession: 5-6k words. We are looking for true inspirational stories about real experiences in life. How God made a way when there was no way. Tell stories that touch the heart, soul, and renew the spirit in those that may have lost hope.  We are looking for stories the readers can relate to and use in their own lives. Stories must be personal, filled with emotion, and drama.  *Make us feel like what the character is feeling extraordinary True Life Confession: 5-6k words. We are looking for true inspirational stories about experiences in life.

Good Luck With Your Submissions. Upload below. For more information contact Lady Leo Publishing: