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Designs On You (LoveStorm Romance)

Hey guys this is an ongoing novel that I am working on. I posted it on Wattpad to get some feedback. Each week I will try to add to it. Take a read and let me know what you think. Only serious responses please.

After Interior Designer, Sophie Middleton finds her fiancé in the arms of her boss, Patricia Van Horn, she quits her job and her life spirals out of control. Without a job and no prospects, she decides to open her own design business (Sophie's Creation). She begins reaching out to her contacts, but no one wants to cross Patricia Van Horn. But when she runs into handsome actor Cal Jenkins, in town for a much needed rest and plans to propose to his girlfriend. She gets the break, she needs when he hires her to decorate his mother's Gatehouse. The two begin to spend time together and begin to fall for each other. Sophie tries to fight her attraction for the famous actor, but she finds herself fighting a losing battle against his charms. She must protect her business and her heart.

Thank in advance,